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Affordable Yet Reliable Camera

When talking about cameras, many people would prefer DSLR instead of the compact camera because DSLR will produce a more professional photo with better images. However, nowadays you could find point-and-shoot cameras with the quality that similar to DSLR camera. You could find these cameras at digitlist.com.

The pocket camera also has a relatively small body size and can be stored in a pocket or small purse, for it is easier to carry anywhere. Excess is quite important so you can take photos at unexpected moments. The small size also makes the people around do not really care about you. Another case when you carry a big camera with a long lens, you might make the people around got nervous. Small camera size is quite important for candid photos street.

With the price between one to four hundred dollars, you could get a pocket digital camera that is reliable, while the DSLR camera requires more than $ 500 not including lenses and accessories such as a camera bag, lens cleaning and so on. It makes compact camera is affordable yet reliable.