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There are many method for you to gain residual income

I want to achieve financial freedom (financial freedom) before the age of 60 years to have a passive income (passive income). Passive income is residual income derived continuously without having to work to earn money because the money I have had “worked” to make money for me. From the classification of revenues, we recognise residual income revenues term passive and active income. Just a little reviewing, active income means the income received by a person of the work done. While passive income/ residual income means the income received by a person on the job ‘passive.’ The passive word here is emphasised because it does not mean sitting idle but get money.

The second important thing that distinguishes this revenue is in focus. residual income focuses on the establishment and collection system assets. So instead of sitting idle, those who earn passive income is probably also struggled to establish a system and could then accumulate assets that will generate revenue for them. You do not just build a product and then you sell, but you have to build business systems in it. If you are still building products alone, that means not residual income. But when the business residual income system has been formed, which means you can delegate the managerial tasks to your employees. While they work on you, you can do other things to colour your life. For those of you who are still learning to investment may take the safest or minimal risks such as savings accounts or deposits. Then there is also then began to take mutual fund products with a wide range of products. Mutual funds are considered to have the potential for profit is greater than the savings and deposits due in any case have a greater risk. However it was not the greatest, they are already knowledgeable enough also residual income investing in stocks.